I had a doctor appointment last week. I stressed my concern that even though I am eating right and even walking as often as weather permits I hadn’t lost any weight in three months.

I was discouraged and confused.

We talked about what I was eating and then she said the words I had never heard before, “Your body is in starvation mode. You aren’t eating enough calories. God designed our bodies incredibly so when we don’t eat enough that the body stores everything we eat. You have to eat more.”

In all my life I have never been told I was eating too little! I was shocked because I had gotten to a place where I simply wasn’t hungry so wasn’t eating. But what is even more amazing is the revelation this gave me. That means that even through the stressors of life and chaos – I haven’t been stress eating!!

That is HUGE for me!!

The doctor told me to spend a day binging on carbs to jump start my body and get it out of starvation mode, but I didn’t do that. White carbs are very bad for my autoimmune disease. What I did do though is add some whole grain bread in to my diet over a period of a few days and I have made myself eat small meals or snack on healthy foods – even if I wasn’t hungry.

And you won’t believe what has happened.

In less than a week, even with eating more, I lost three pounds.

I couldn’t believe it.

While my goal is not to be a certain size or number but to be healthy I am thankful to see the scales drop some more. I am also thankful how the Lord is teaching me and guiding me every step of the way.

Life really is about balance – in every aspect.