I’ve always heard the saying, “bloom where planted” but the switch of words in today’s Oswald Chambers hit me deep in the heart.

God has been teaching me a new level of contentment, to be satisfied. .

He has actually been taking an “I don’t want to do that” attitude away and I didn’t even realIze it. I was doing what He asked out of obedience but still hopeful of something else one day and He has changed my heart somehow to be amazingly satisfied.

The questions of “what was the purpose” no longer lingers.

I may never know.

And that’s okay.

It is so hard to be satisfied, especially in today’s world where picture perfect photos are blasted all over social media. Women wear masks and very rarely unveil the layers of protection surrounding their hearts and we think, “If only . . . ”

But God . . .

We think we will never measure up or be enough . . .

But God . . .

He sees those layers of bondage and pain and loves us just the same.


Regardless what we look like.

Regardless how our kids behave.

Regardless how messy our house is.

Regardless our career.

Regardless our social and economic status.

Man will fail in every one of those areas. But never God.

Take a few minutes and read today’s Oswald Chambers devotional.

Look up the verses that coincide.

And then ask God to grow you where He has planted you. That was a huge statement for me to receive this morning.

Look Again and Consecrate

By Oswald Chambers

A simple statement of Jesus is always a puzzle to us because we will not be simple. How can we maintain the simplicity of Jesus so that we may understand Him? By receiving His Spirit, recognizing and relying on Him, and obeying Him as He brings us the truth of His Word, life will become amazingly simple. Jesus asks us to consider that “if God so clothes the grass of the field…” how “much more” will He clothe you, if you keep your relationship right with Him? Every time we lose ground in our fellowship with God, it is because we have disrespectfully thought that we knew better than Jesus Christ. We have allowed “the cares of this world” to enter in (Matthew 13:22), while forgetting the “much more” of our heavenly Father.

“Look at the birds of the air…” (Matthew 6:26). Their function is to obey the instincts God placed within them, and God watches over them. Jesus said that if you have the right relationship with Him and will obey His Spirit within you, then God will care for your “feathers” too.

“Consider the lilies of the field…” (Matthew 6:28). They grow where they are planted. Many of us refuse to grow where God plants us. Therefore, we don’t take root anywhere. Jesus said if we would obey the life of God within us, He would look after all other things. Did Jesus Christ lie to us? Are we experiencing the “much more” He promised? If we are not, it is because we are not obeying the life God has given us and have cluttered our minds with confusing thoughts and worries. How much time have we wasted asking God senseless questions while we should be absolutely free to concentrate on our service to Him? Consecration is the act of continually separating myself from everything except that which God has appointed me to do. It is not a one-time experience but an ongoing process. Am I continually separating myself and looking to God every day of my life?