Just when I think I am starting to figure this health journey out the words “night shade” foods come in to play. There are many websites and facebook pages that teach AIP protocol and to be honest, it is quite overwhelming and yes, even discouraging.

Some of the absolute favorite foods I enjoy are on the “no-no” list.

I had a good temper tantrum and stomped my feet, just like I did when the Lord told me to remove refined sugars, then I got over it, pulled up my big girl britches and started educating myself.

The willing to learn is key.

There was a time when I believed everything grown by the earth was good for anyone, but that was ignorant of me. I have learned some foods out there cause inflammation and make my autoimmune symptoms worse. I’ve even had to remove the vegetable mix I have been using in my smoothies! So I am back at square one for learning what I can and can’t eat.

Even with these new challenges I became very grateful last week for the changes I implemented in July 2018. A simple cold would have normally had me down for days, but not last week. In fact, not only did I function and work through a cold, I also functioned and worked through a shingles outbreak!

Since childhood I have heard, “You are what you eat” but I didn’t believe it.

Today, I am a believer. Silly to some, absolutely, and as challenging as it can be at times, it really is simple.

Garbage in – garbage out.

And for some of us with autoimmune diseases, even the good is bad.

Each of our bodies respond differently. There are many products out there that claim to be natural and maybe they are, but I encourage you before you try them – research the products in them. One I was using  I found to have tomatoes in them. I can’t have tomatoes. Education is key. But also, please don’t be so quick to judge just because one person’s body doesn’t tolerate what another’s does.