For several weeks my pastor has been emphasizing the importance of sharing the gospel from our pulpit. He explains that not everyone has the same pulpit he has been given but that still we are to be Jesus from wherever God has placed us.

I have struggled with disappointment because I thought I would be speaking and sharing my testimony before now, but what God has been showing me is to be used exactly where He has placed me.

Today that means sharing Jesus with a small group of women on Sunday mornings and now through my work that is placed in a booth at Alyssa’s. Alyssa is known for her bold faith and activeness (yes I made that word up) in our community. It amazes me how God turned a twelve month waiting list in to four weeks.

God has given me a new arena to share the gospel.

Every sign that leaves my house, be it sold to an individual or to be set up in my booth at Alyssa’s has a story of hope and redemption on it.

It’s my story.

The story Jesus gave me when He pulled me out of the pit of alcohol and drugs twenty years ago.

He saved me.

And what He did for me those many years ago He can do for you.

It takes surrendering to yourself – which is hard – especially if you are a control freak like me – but God.

He. Is. Able.

So today I challenge you as our pastor has challenged the congregation – use your “pulpit” today.

Right where you are this moment.

Don’t worry and fret about what you thought you’d be doing.

We can’t change a thing worrying. I’ve learned the hard way on that one. Instead, be in the moment and watch God move mountains you never dreamed possible.


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