In recent weeks I have noticed I’ve stopped losing weight and have struggled with a lot of pain.

A lot.

I am to the point now where I don’t crave sugar and am ready to start watching my  natural sugar in take. I have not focused on that because I just needed to cope with the transition of no refined sugar.

I love onions and peppers.

onions bell peppers

Unfortunately after some research I found that bell peppers are what is called a night shade vegetable and for those with autoimmune disease they should be avoided.

Did I mention that I LOVE bell peppers?!

To have to eliminate them from my diet has been upsetting to me.

I also believe the Lord is showing me I am eating too many onions. They are a good carb but I suspect I have been eating too much of them, which may be causing the increased pain. So I am even more discouraged to say I have to eliminate onions (at least temporarily) to see if that will improve the discomforts I’ve been experiencing. I will eventually re-introduce them after all symptoms are gone to see if those are in deed the culprit or if maybe I am just eating too many. It will do the same to determine if bell peppers have also been the problems.

This new road to health is not easy.

What works for me may not work for you. Some things the Lord is showing me is geared to me only and some things He has shown me would be great for anyone. Regardless, I believe education is key and it is also a process. If He had revealed to me six months ago I would have to eliminate a natural food I love to eat I probably wouldn’t have been able to make it this far. I have used those as fillers, but now I sense He thinks I’m strong enough to go another step deeper in this journey to wellness.

I have found smoothies are a great way for me to get a portion of the fruits and vegetables I should be intaking every day.

I started making smoothies the first week I cut out refined sugars. I have tried a few different supplements over the last six months but I think I have a good one now.

I use one cup of almond milk (I will eventually make my own but right now there are days I am still in survival mode so I will continue to purchase.)

2 heaping tablespoons of a raw veggie mix

1 drop of hydrangea root

1 capsule of Ningxia nitro (every other day except when sickness is in the house or I feel a flare up coming on).

1 medium banana

1 cup total blueberries/strawberries/pineapple

And then I blend.

The raw veggie mix I get from Everman’s. In this brand there is a vanilla flavored and chocolate, as well as a total meal replacement with more grains. I have only used the one pictured and will stick with it. I am needing to monitor all grains right now and the meal replacement has a lot of grains.

The hydrangea root was recommended for me from someone that takes it for bone spurs. I am supposed to use one dropper two to four times a day; however, it literally tastes like dirt so trying to drink it was not happening. So I add a droplet in my smoothie every morning. I don’t taste it at all.

The Ningxia Nitro does have a flavor but in my smoothies has no taste. It can be used as a shot or mixed with water. I prefer to make it simple and just add all those  nutrients together. I use the nitro to increase the depleted minerals in my body.

I buy frozen fruits and put in a large container and scoop out one cup every morning. Some times I get more blueberries, some times more strawberries but I always add in a couple chunks of pineapple to help with my gut issues.

I do not use any yogurt at this time. In my research many yogurts are filled with refined sugar. I am sure there are some that are good but I am not educated enough right now to know which ones I can have and which ones to avoid so I play it safe and avoid all.

That recipe makes a large smoothie. It keeps me satisfied for several hours. I usually will grab a handful of roasted almonds that I have salted with Himalayan salt to hold me over till lunch.

I will also start tracking the amount of nutrients that are actually in that smoothie so I will know how to further adjust.

Hope that helps. I know for some none of this is of any value, but for those that have asked me to share what I’m doing to help with my autoimmune disease, I hope it helps.

If you are interested in ordering the Ningxia nitro you can register here and order or if you are local I can help you. By registering as a member instead of a retail customer you can save a lot of money and earn free products.