Sometimes our children say things that are meant to be innocent but it is that innocence that smacks a momma in the face.

A few weeks ago I was sharing with Kaitlyn that I would be meeting with a lady that is mentoring me in some areas I am struggling in. I explained what that meant and she said, “will you mentor me?”

My heart sank –

I obviously wasn’t doing my job well.

Tuesday nights are our nights together so I asked her if she wanted to start doing a Bible Study together. I spoke with a friend who authored a devotional for teen girls to help them find their worth in the Lord.

Out of the blue Kaitlyn said, “I wish Tuesday was on the first of January so we could start fresh.”

So we started on Tuesday, January 1 – you know – so she can have a fresh start.

Knowing our children’s love language is important.

Putting that in to practice can change everything.