Just about every week someone is asking me what I’m doing to lose weight and how my autoimmune disease is doing. I feel completely inadequate trying to share anything I have done because I am still learning so much, but because I am asked so much what I’m doing I have decided to start posting every Wednesday on changes I’ve made to my diet, to my lifestyle, and what I’ve added to help boost my immune system.

Several months ago, July 9 to be exact, the Lord woke me and said, “NOOOO SUGAR!”

My response, “TODAY! Lord, I wanted to go out with a bang – caramel pie, cokes, Baby Ruth’s -TODAY, Lord?!”


no sugar

The first thirty days detoxing off sugar took my autoimmune disease into full blown flare up. It was rough.

But God –

It’s been over five months since that journey began.

I’ve lost 46 pounds.

I began walking last month five days a week for thirty minutes each day – weather permitting. Not walking to win a race – but to finish the race. As long as I am moving and putting one foot in front of the other, regardless the pace, any forward motion – I consider it a win for that day.

I’ve not been in bed from sickness since detoxing off sugar.

And I’ve been learning a new way of life – mainly what to eat and not eat. There’s been a lot of growing in every aspect though.

The most basic and easiest approach is to simply (which is really hard because EVERYTHING has sugar in it) cut out all refined sugars. The first several weeks I allowed myself to eat whatever natural sugar I wanted because I was starving from eliminating the sugars and bad carbs so as long as it was natural I ate it. I try to monitor my sugar intake but I haven’t made it a priority yet. I know it’s coming though.

My water intake is very good with 120 to 160 ounces of water a day. I have been adding a pinch of hymalayan salt to a cup of water every few days to help with absorption. With my autoimune disease I stay dehydrated and the hymalayan salt helps with that. I have also learned that it adds good minerals back in my body.

I’ve also learned that since my thyroid is underactive that means other organs are not working properly. I have been intentional at adding other essential oil supplements to increase my minearl intake. I have also learned to keep almonds on hand to help with the munchies inbetween meals and I’ve also learned to ask a lot of questions about what I’m putting in my body –

I started praying a few years ago that I would be my healthiest by the time I reach 50 – I’m counting on the Lord making it so.

Would love to know some of the things you’ve changed in your diet to improve your health.

Young Living Distributor