Since I left the children’s home at age 17, just a few weeks after graduating high school, I’ve wanted to give back to the foster care system. I got sidetracked with with my own mess but the desire to give back was still there. I’ve also known in this current season it is clearly not our time as a family to foster. Because of that I thought there was nothing we could do – but boy was I was wrong.

I’ve shared before how my daughter and I went to see Instant Family last month. The moment the little boy dumped his black garbage bag full of teddy bears (each bear represented each time he had to go to family court) I thought, “What if we could give them Bibles?”

That thought continued and prompted some independent research and questioning. From what I’ve been able to find, and I still am researching, there are individuals that will donate Bibles to children in foster care but there appears to not be an organization that is committed to providing Bibles for these children.

I was sharing with my mentor my burden to get a Bible in the children’s hands that are in foster care as well as the application process to apply for a 501C and was shocked to learn she used to file the papers for 501c organizations and could help me with that process! I am still working on a name, praying through the details, and will keep you posted on the progress.

In the meantime, we purchased our first Bibles today for the children of the Charis House ladies! Eeeeek!

Here’s what is so crazy –

The Bibles were all 25% off today! But what is even crazier is the Bibles we got for the teens rang up 33% off! I paid $10 for those! The print is super small so will continue to research for the best options.

Agh! You go God!

I will meet with the store manager at Lifeway after the holidays and he is going to help me with bulk purchase pricing and see what our best option is.

I am so in awe of God.