A few weeks ago I was approached and asked to pray about co-teaching an existing small women’s class on Sunday mornings. The teacher and I met, prayed, and both sensed the Lord leading in this direction.

Sunday (yesterday) was my first day in that class and I am blown away how God has orchestrated each and every event of the day.

The first nugget was walking in to a room filled with the Charis House ladies! Have I ever told y’all how much I love them?! ❤️ My heart was so encouraged by their presence this morning. I think my heart grew three sizes!

The second nugget was when a class member began reading from Titus 3:3-8. Anyone that has attended MEW knows that Titus 3:3-8 is read at every MEW meeting. I can’t remember a time when God has not used what I learned through my years of MEW to lead and confirm what He is doing in my life; and today was no exception.

Then, the third nugget was read during the scripture reading from the pastor this morning as he read in Romans. As I turned the page of my Bible to follow through in our reading a feather taped at the top of the page brought a smile to my face. It was given to me from one of the Charis House ladies several months ago. When she found it she sensed the Lord telling her to give it to me and to share Romans 10:11 with me. “For the scripture says, whoever believes in Him will not be disappointed.” I had to smile because just a few months ago my heart felt like it had been ripped out of my chest when God had me step down from teaching the ladies. I just couldn’t understand. I was hurting, angry, and disappointed. As weeks passed I slowly began to understand God had me in a season of growing as my health became my priority. I still didn’t like it but I also knew that obedience was the number one thing – even if I didn’t understand.

So looking back on day one in my new class and two weeks away from teaching my first lesson – I can smile and say, “you are right Lord, I’m not disappointed.” And I give thanks with a grateful heart that His ways are much better than my ways and that He is faithful.

Maybe you are where I was a few months ago, angry, disappointed, and hurting – maybe you need to the reminder, just like I am sure I will need again one day –

He truly stands by His word.

He does not disappoint.

He does not waver.

He sees the big picture.

He has His children in the palm of His hands.

He will never leave us or abandon us.

And this morning – I’m so grateful He does what is best for us over what we ask of Him. It was worth the pain.

Worth the Pain