I recently spent a few days camping in Stone Mountain, GA. I needed some quiet filling time so enjoyed the luxury of one of their yurks. Click here to read about Stone Mountain yurks During the four days and three nights I did things physically I didn’t know I could do any more – the biggest being walking long distances but then to be able to come back and prepare and clean up my own meals was also huge.

There are days this thing called autoimmune simply would wipe me out.

But God –

Since July 9 God has had me on a mission to get healthy. It has been a hard transition but in making some basic changes to my diet I have not only had less muscle and joint problems but I also have not been in bed since my detox period ended.

When I returned from Stone Mountain I was sooo amazed at all the walking I had done. I started praying for a place to walk. I live on a very busy street with no sidewalks, deep culverts on one side and trees on the other side so I would spend more time waiting for cars to pass by than actually getting to walk. Then last week I read a blog post shared from Ministry Village at OBC, sharing ways you can help the Charis House Ministry. You can read about that here – Ministry Village OBC – Charis House Needs

As many of you know I was actively involved with the Charis House leading phase 1 and phase 2 in weekly Bible Studies. I was heartbroken when God had me step down. It ripped my heart out – and I was angry. I couldn’t understand why after FINALLY surrendering that He would remove that from me. Eventually, I came realize sometimes God removes things from us – even good stuff – for a purpose and often a purpose far greater than I can understand.

But God –

If you read that blog post in ways to help the ladies in the Charis House you would have read that the ladies need someone to walk with them every morning – and I knew – God had just opened the palms of His hands, placing a gift in my hands – giving me a place to walk every day but also allowing me to be active in their lives once again.

I asked, permission was granted a few days ago, and God gave us the most incredible morning to start walking!

Do you see the floating cross made of clouds floating over the church?!

We spent time stretching, had a short devotional, and walked.

My heart is full. Not only did He answer the prayer of walking but He also turned that into a purpose – and I’m so thankful.

Maybe God has called you out of one thing you love and are passionate about and you think you’ve lost your purpose? I sincerely struggled when God had me step down from teaching them because I thought I had lost my purpose. What I eventually learned is I had allowed my purpose to become them instead of keeping my purpose to be used by God – regardless where He has me. Maybe you too have lost your sight of the ultimate purpose (to be used by God to lead others to Christ, to become more like Him, and make disciples)? If so, I just want to encourage you to refocus and find your identity in Him and not the people He has you serving . It has been a hard lesson to learn, but worth it.