Last year the nativity I had been gifted on the first Christmas I celebrated as a believer in Christ was shattered.

It was a very special gift that hurt my heart to have to dispose of it.

After Christmas last year I received a call from the same friend that gave me the original nativity.

She had a new one for me.

I was in complete awe at how my Lord had already replaced such a special gift with another one.

It was then I told her how the previous one she had given me had just become broken beyond repair.

I’ve waited all year to unpack this new nativity.

And it is absolutely beautiful! It is more than double the size of the old one too!

I will have to find the perfect place to display it – a place that is seen and will help me keep my focus on the Risen Savior and not the hustle and bustle of the season.

The last several months have been a season of purging and taking away. God has removed much but yet He replenishes and makes some old things new. Then there are things He brings back that are bigger and better than what once was before.

Tonight my heart is thankful for my Lord’s continued grace.

Grace, Grace, God’s Grace –