A year ago today I walked through the church parking lot, looked up to the heavens and asked God if I really mattered. Was I making a difference in this thing called faith.

I looked up and said, “Lord, I need to know I’m important to you. I need your touch.”

Little did I know I would walk in to class and sit down and hear the teacher say, “God used a bunch of nobodies and turned them in to disciples. And they changed the world.”

It took all the strength I could muster to not sit there and sob in that moment.

Months later I was sharing that experience with the Charis House girls. Shortly after one of the ladies walked up and handed me a piece of paper she had found. That piece of paper is still in my Bible. On it was written Romans 9:25, “I will call nobodies and make them somebodies; I will call the unloved and make them beloved.”

Now some people will call that coincidence. I call it a God in heaven moving on His daughter’s behalf, assuring her He is right there in the midst of the storm and the pains of life.

Assuring her she is important to Him and loved.

Assuring her He is using her for kingdom work.

Assuring her He has a plan for her. And it’s a good plan.

Assuring her He has not forgotten her.

I don’t know where you are right now – you may be just coming out of a storm, or about to enter in to one, or you may be in the storm of a lifetime – health problems, aging parent problems, marriage problems, children problems – job problems – and there seems to be no answer or relief in site – but this I know to be true –

He. Is. With. You.

I read an Oswald Chambers devotional once that said in His silence He is trusting you the most. It completely changed my perspective in times of His silence.

Even ones like I’m walking through now.

I have struggled with worshipping during the silence but have learned how important it is to praise Him through the silence.

Please know this very moment God knows exactly where you are. He may be silent, but He is working on your behalf – even in the silence.

Thank you, Lord, for showing yourself to me in such a mighty way last year and continuing to confirm over and over that you are right here with me – guiding me – even when it doesn’t feel like it. Change our hearts Lord – break our hearts for what hurts yours. Change our minds – renew it – transform it – quicken our thoughts to be on you and not on the circumstances or the what if’s that plague us. We leave our burdens at your feet. Amen.

When I took this picture I was disappointed I couldn’t see the cross on top of the building.  After getting home I zoomed in and saw that the cross on top of the building was hidden because the sun was so illuminated behind it. It is my prayer that when others see me they won’t see my life, but the life of Christ living in me.


At the Feet of Jesus – Chris Tomlin