I’ve not forgot the first time I heard this. It was as if God Himself was assuring me of my value to Him.

Romans 9:25 (msg) puts it best, “I’ll call nobodies and make them somebodies; I’ll call the unloved and make them beloved.

Maybe you are like me? Maybe you have doubted your worth and questioned your importance in this world? Maybe you have believed the lies of the world over what our Lord says about you.

It’s easy to do.

But what I realized is when I believe man or talk down about myself then I am calling my Lord a liar.

And that hurts.

If you have struggled like me with a low self esteem or self worth then here is my challenge to you – even if you don’t believe it – remember the disciples – they were a bunch of people considered nobodies – and God used them to change the world. Write that scripture on a piece of paper and stick it everywhere. When you see it, read it out loud. EVEN if you don’t believe it – read it and when you read it, ask God to help your unbelief.

He will do it.

I can testify.

It’s impossible to describe with words what it feels like when one has realized their value and worth to our Lord.

Father, when I doubt you because of words in my head that replay from years gone by, I need you to quicken me. I need you to help my unbelief. Make me more like you. Amen.

You Say – Lauren Daigle