The Greater Good

The to do list is long today for the husband and me. Our hope is to get things done that normally get interrupted by the needs of children.

-pick up yard and cut grass

– laundry

-more laundry

-clean out garage 😩

-clean out shed

-FOLD laundry

-and hopefully start setting up my silhouette and computer in the garage so next week I can start learning a new program.

We have a lot to do – and it probably won’t all get done – but at least I got my bleached out work clothes on. 😂 I just couldn’t help it though – Kaitlyn’s hammock swing was calling my name.

The temperature is perfect.

The sun is shining.

And I just couldn’t help but take in the moment of nothingness and share my thankful heart.

Praying for all the families affected by hurricane Matthew – that their needs are met physically, mentally, and spiritually – and thankful for all the men and women all across the country – including our own hospitals and the nursing staffs – that are uniting for the greater good.

God is faithful.

Great Is Thy Faithfulness

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