For several months I have sensed I was to work part time. I have been praying about the details, that only God knows, for months. My concern was time – I have been in a season of purging and knew I needed to complete the task before me first and foremost. My home has been in disarray since my dad died. I haven’t painted or crafted since December 6 of last year. We have struggled without that income but God has been ever so gracious to let me work through all that needed to be worked through. I believe I am almost through sorting through all dad’s boxes. This week I will spend my time gathering all the documents the accountant will need to file estate taxes, and once that’s done just a few more hours of sitting in line with the social security office and I’ll be done.

A chapter is closing and yet another one appears to be opening.

A few weeks ago a friend I’ve known for twenty years made a fb post that she needed volunteers. She didn’t say what it was but on a rare occasion, I had the entire next day open to help her. I learned of a need they had and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I followed up with a few messages and questions and was able to speak with one of the employees a week later. I am so excited to say I am now an official part of the WOW 90.9 and 101.1 in Pensacola team. I will be helping with sales and community events. I spent this last week trying to educate myself and making a list of questions. This is something I have never done before so it is well outside my comfort zone.  BUT, the hours are flexible, it allows me to be available for my family, continue to submit writings to magazines, continue speaker training, attend a few Bible classes where God is educating me in Biblical principals and leadership, and hopefully be involved in some community outreach programs.

I am still not sure what God is preparing me for long term, but He has had me in a season of purging and organization. The last year has been utter chaos. New boundaries have been set in place, there has been a lot of bucking and objection, but these boundaries have been empowering. And I am beginning to understand why certain areas of ministry were removed. That was hard.

But God –

Seasons of change are hard. But our Lord is never changing. He is the rock on which we stand. He doesn’t falter. He doesn’t sway. He shows grace and mercy, but He rules with a steady hand. Oh what a Father He is.

I read this quote from Louie Giglio this week that took my breath away. So many times we blame God for the errors of our earthly fathers. We think of God as the same sort of man our dad’s might have been. We allow our earthly fathers mistakes to separate us from our Heavenly Father’s presence. Oh my friend, don’t fall in to that trap of deception. Our Heavenly Father loves his daughters. He wants what is best for us. We are the apple of His eyes. If you have allowed distance in your relationship with the Lord because of something your earthly dad did or said, I pray you can come to a place where you can forgive your dad, and have restoration with The Father.

God is not your dad

Father we come to you, some of us with broken hearts of things long ago, and we have allowed those circumstances and events to separate us from you. We have blamed you and questioned you and doubted your love for us. Forgive us for allowing satan to divide our relationship with you. Mend our hearts. Draw us in to your presence, and don’t stop just because we fight it. Pursue us. Be the healer of our hearts. I love you, Lord. Amen.

Healer – Hillsong