This morning my journal entry begins with, “Lord, I seem to be discouraged. I don’t even know how to pray or what to pray for in these situations . . . ” I then began listing the things that burden my soul . . . salvations, jobs, kids, and the frustration of not hearing and knowing of which direction to go.

But God – He likes to give me reminders of just how much He is listening and showing me all the nuggets of truth along the way that He gives me.

I try and carry little .10 cards on me to hand out when the Lord prompts. I specifically carry the little cards with Psalm 91:4 on them because of how instrumental that verse has been in my life. In July I was leading a class, a young lady was sharing and the Lord prompted me immediately to give her a card. As I looked I realized I was out, except for my personal one that was placed in between the pages of Psalm 91:4. I gave her my very last one. Days later we were at the funeral home burying my mother in law. A friend I hadn’t had the opportunity to see or really speak to in years came in to share her love with the family. She handed me a card and inside the card was this –

It’s the same card I took out of my Bible and gave away.

But God – 

He saw fit to have that card not only come back to me, but this time it was someone giving it to me with a note of gratitude.

Tell me God isn’t in the details of our lives – 

Tell me God doesn’t know our needs in the silence of our days –

And today has been no exception. I finally stepped out and obeyed the command that He put on my heart months ago. Still the unknown and burdens are there and it seems He is silent – so I pray – I remember and proclaim what He has already done and how He has moved mighty mountains on my behalf – and yet my hope seems glim for some reason.

Today is a day of margins the Lord has given me. He has been removing things from my life, even good things and things I am passionate about – I can’t tell you how painful it has been – but even when I don’t understand – I trust my Lord’s plan. Even when things are uncertain and I struggle to find hope – I trust my Lord. I know that seems to be contradictory – after all how can we trust Him and hope be fading at the same time? It is during these moments that I have to intentionally and continually go before the Lord and give those doubts and fears over to Him – constantly. I must remember and recall all the ways God has turned nothing in to something and wowed me over and over and over again.

But my hope is not in the end results of obedience – my hope is in Jesus. Regardless of the end result. 

This morning I received a facebook message from a friend I met years ago. She moved away and we only chat on social media occasionally but this morning (I have goosebumps just typing this!) while she was reading she sensed the need to share with me.

Here is what she sent me –

I am reading a book entitled “Through the Eyes of a Lion” by Levi Lusko. This morning I read a section that I think will resonate with you. I am praying for you both, as well as the rest of your family, as you walk this journey that God, in His sovereignty, has placed before you. Rom. 15:13 – “May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope.” pp. 96-98: “The symbol of the anchor is powerful because of what it stands for: hope. “The book of Hebrews speaks of ‘this hope we have as an anchor of the soul, both sure and steadfast’ (Heb. 6:19). That’s a game changer. A boat that is anchored can be battered, but it won’t be moved. Because of Jesus, we have hope. And because of hope, even in the midst of the worst storms of this life, we have an anchor for our souls. “Hope is a powerful thing. The evangelist Billy Graham said, ‘What oxygen is to the lungs, hope is to our survival in the world.’ In ‘The Hunger Games,’ President Snow said hope is the only thing more powerful than fear. I’ve heard that in Air Force survival training courses, instructors teach something called the ‘Rule of Threes’: In a survival situation you can last three weeks without food, three days without water, three hours without shelter in extreme conditions, and three minutes without air. But you can’t make it three seconds without hope. “The most important battle is the one you fight within, in your mind and heart, to not give up. If you give up hope, you won’t have the motivation to do anything else in a critical situation. That’s a fact backed up by medical science. Dr. Meg Meeker observed, ‘Physicians can often tell the moment a terminally ill patient gives up hope. Death comes very quickly afterward.’ “BUT WHAT IS HOPE? “At its most basic level, to have hope is to believe that something good is going to happen. That help is on the way. That it’s not over yet, and no matter how dark it seems, there’s going to be light at the end of the tunnel. Hope is a confident expectation. A joyful anticipation. An active, dynamic, energizing enthusiasm. When you have hope, gale-force winds can blow and tsunami waves can smash into the hull of your life, but you are buoyed by the belief that the best is yet to come, that brighter days are ahead. Hope quietly tells your heart that all is not lost, even as storms rage. Our hope is a living hope, because Jesus lives forever.”

My friends, we, as sisters in Christ, are not to carry the weight of this world on our shoulders. We all have burdens and cares, but as sisters in Christ we are to carry one another’s burdens. We aren’t to do this thing called life alone. When God continually brings someone to mind it is imperative we reach out. I don’t know about you but it is sure easy to hide behind the screen of a computer or a phone – be involved online but at the same time distant myself from human interaction. As much as I love to be with people there are times I have to force myself to get out from behind the screen and be Jesus to a friend that needs to just unload. To listen and pray or send a card.

Whatever it is you do, be intentional.

I don’t know where you are in all this today, maybe this is all for me – but I need you to know you are valuable. You were made for a purpose. And He wants His girls to be free – He wants us to unite – and He wants us to carry one another’s burdens. If satan can divide or cause confusion then he has succeeded.

Let’s walk in victory today. 

I found this song by accident looking for something else – if you like bluegrass gospel then you might like it – even if you don’t listen to the words.

The Burden Bearer