Sometimes I awake with a song in my Spirit and then a picture appears in my timeline that reinforces the song and when that I happens I know God is preparing me to keep my focus on Him.

Satan does not want God’s children to receive the victory.

Scripture tells us Satan comes to steal, kill, and destroy.

But – the counter part of that verse is that Jesus came to give us life and to give us a more abundant life.

Scripture also tells us that our battles are not against flesh and blood – there’s a spiritual battle taking place all around us. We must be grounded in the Word of God so when we walk in the valleys we don’t slip and lose our focus.

Whatever you are facing today, do so knowing the ultimate goal is taking you to a life of abundance. You might be getting refined right now, and that’s a hard place to be – but the end results makes you more like Jesus. Don’t quit now. That victory is just around the corner!

Keep walking, Soldier – don’t look back.

MOVE! (keep walkin) TobyMac