I haven’t had refined sugar since July 9. My hope was and still is, based on some researching and personal testimonies from friends, that by removing refined sugars and bad carbs from my diet that I would begin to feel better physically and mentally. My long term hope is that my next set of labs to be drawn in October will show a reduction of inflammation in my labs. Hopefully. I finally started feeling better and even noticed I was accomplishing some of those things on my to do list that had been there forever – like for so long I forgot the purpose of doing them! I even had sustained energy (which I hadn’t had since using Thrive). All those little skin bumps that covered my arms since childhood are gone. Since I’ve added Himalayan salt to my water (thanks to a friend’s suggestion) daily the water I’m drinking is actually hydrating me. I was (and still am) drinking an easy 120 to 160 ounces of water a day but my skin was like a gator. Surprisingly, since adding the salt, my skin is so soft. I am still struggling with dry mouth and dry eyes that are common with Sjogrens Syndrome. While there is no cure for this disease I am hoping the changes I’ve made in my diet will at least help with the challenges I face with this disease and will hopefully prevent a future diagnosis of Lupus or RA. Regardless, seeing the improvements after just about two months in my body offers me some hope.

It seems I have caught my daughter’s nasty cold. Just a simple cold will take a person with an autoimmune disease down – down fast and down hard. I had the sore scratchy throat and felt horrible yesterday – by last night I was aches and pains and in bed at 7 resting. Thankful for the added rest – and thankful for this hot tea with lemon and honey this morning. And can I tell you how nice it is to look out my window and see the sun shining!! (At least for now?) In the panhandle of Florida we have had rain every day for weeks upon weeks. I can’t remember when we have had a daily downpour like this. Regardless, it is a good day to work on my Bible study and sit at the feet of Jesus – soaking in the Living Water.

All the stuff that has to get done will have to wait.

There are more important things to do today – like being still.

Today is a good day for a good day.

I found a song I haven’t heard before – not a very popular one – but is it good. Pause and listen –

Living Water