For several months this verse has come to mind – almost daily.
 I stumbled upon this amplified version this morning. It’s quite amazing how our Lord knows our deepest concerns and how He allows the scripture to pertain to our lives – each one uniquely customized for our own individual purpose – to penetrate our hearts – at the exact moment we need it most.
This translation might mean nothing extra to you – but for me – it is one more confirmation where my Lord is guiding me through a tough channel – where He is guiding me – comforting me – and changing me.
I still don’t understand, but the peace He has and will continue to give me through this journey has been and will continue to be a testament of God’s grace. 
I’m not sure what battle our Lord is fighting for you today, but He is faithful.
Lord I pray for the one that is in heartache right now. Comfort her. Empower and strengthen her by showing her a glimpse of you – how you are orchestrating all things for her good. Give her a glimpse of you – nuggets of truth – that will satisfy a weary soul. Thank you for fighting our battles for us. Thank you knowing exactly what we need when we need it most. Thank you for teaching a woman that is long winded to remain silent through the storm in order for you to do your work. Thank you for grace. We love you, Lord. 
The Lord will fight for you while you [only need to] keep silent and remain calm.” Exodus 14:14
exodus 14.14
In my quest to find a song, as I often do for my posts, I came across this sermon preached by Billy Graham, The Lord Will Fight For You. I sense I am to share that instead of a song this morning. I hope it encourages you as it has me this morning.
In my journey to be free,