Before I got saved I was a chief liar. I lied and covered up so much that I woke up one day and no longer even knew what the truth was.

But, when I got saved, surrendered my life to the Lord, one of the things I asked the Lord to do was to make me a person of truth – of integrity.

I asked Him to teach me to be the kind of person that would be transparent – truthful – in all things – but especially the things I blew it on. It became my prayer when people would hear things about me that they would say, “I know Stacey. I will ask her.” I wanted to be approachable and honest – even if I was wrong and blew it.

There have been many times in the last twenty years I have failed the Lord, but He has been gracious and gentle in how He revealed truth to me and He gave me the courage (even when nauseated) to speak up to the people I blew it with. Those were hard days, but freeing days. Those are the times I could hear the chains of bondage dropping because Satan could no longer hold those secrets over my head.

I was once told a couple sayings that I still use and teach even today, “walk in The Truth” and “what is hidden will come to light.”

It is always, even when we blow it, better to speak truths.

Lord, thank you for changing me. Thank you for growing me in to who I am today, but thank you, also, for continuing to grow me in the person you want me to be. Thank you for the people that speak life and truth over me and have gently guided me over the past twenty years. Thank you for renewing and changing the perspective of my mind. Thank you for showing me a new way of life. Continue to go before me, I pray. Amen.