Because I am a visual learner I usually search for a visual in my brain banks in order to grasp what is being said or to receive in the fullest what is being placed before me when being taught something or shown something new.

Then last week a friend reminded me frequently, “You stand on a firm foundation – The Rock. Your faith is built on a firm foundation. Non – wavering.”

When I think of a rock as my firm foundation I visual Jesus’s feet in the shape of a mountainous statue and I, little ole’ me, standing on His feet. I know – it’s crazy – but the visual of a huge mountain and this person – the size of an ant – standing securely on The Truth, brings an amazing peace and comfort over not only my heart, but my mind.

I can’t find an image that’s in my head anywhere online but I did find this drawing that took my breath away and just wanted to share it.

Sketch done by Caleb Matthews

As I scrolled through images of statues of feet I was surprised to see statues of one foot. When I imagine The Rock of Foundation I imagine a mountain of two feet. Two footed people, more often than not, have a physical stability and stance that supports the rest of their body, unlike a one legged/footed person that often struggles to find balance and waivers.

Psalm 62:2 tells me that Jesus is my rock and my salvation, that He is my fortress (a person or thing not susceptible to outside influence or disturbance) and because of that, I will never be shaken.

How amazing is that!

I heard this song just this week. It has been refreshing to my soul to sing back to my Lord and reflect on Who I stand on. He lets me dance and sing and cry while unveiling a wounded heart before Him while claiming scriptures through song.

I just love Him.

He speaks and moves us all so uniquely and individually for His purpose to work for the greater good.

My Feet Are On The Rock, I Am They

Father I pray for those struggling to find their position in you, that are wavering and troubled. I thank you for fighting for us and and going before us. I thank you that you never ever ever leave us like orphans. Show us your glory today. Be glorified. I love you – and Lord – trust your plans – even when I don’t understand. Amen.