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What Mercy Did For Me

I try to remain in a grateful state of being. When we talk about grace it is a real experience for me, one I don’t take lightly.

Why? Because I know what I’ve done. And I, more than anyone, know what I have been forgiven. Whew.

I have heard this song before, but this past Sunday, my did it hit my heart deep.

Whether in my car, at my home, or in a community time of worship – when I sing – I turn those words in to prayers – but this time – an overwhelming gratitude caught me by surprise and all I could do is raise my arms to my Heavenly Father, and sob.

I didn’t need to sing the words because they were rolling down my face.

Here are the lyrics to this song – read them first, then listen before we continue to the closing of this post –

I was hopeless, I knew I was lost
Death and darkness were my only songs
I needed someone to come rescue me
Then mercy heard my plea


Lord You found me, You healed me, You called me from the grave
You gave me a real love, I thank You Jesus, You washed my sins away
Oh now I’m living, like I’m forgiven, You came and set me free
That’s what Your mercy did for me

You gave me beauty for my guilty stains
And now I’m living day to day by His grace
So excuse me if I can’t contain my praise
‘Cause I know that I’ve been saved

(Repeat Chorus)


Every morning mercy will restore me
I will proclaim
Even if the world may fall before me
I will proclaim

(Repeat Chorus)



I just have this question for you –

Has there ever been a time in your life you were lost in darkness and without hope?

If so, has there been a time in your life when you called unto the Lord and asked Him to save you? To give you a new life? To heal you? To forgive you? Have you ever been rescued?

IF not – it’s not to late. The scriptures tell us that we are all sinners, that none of us, not one single person is righteous. The scriptures tell us that God loves us – that means every one of us – including you. You can never be too far away where the hand of God can’t reach you. He loves you so much that He wanted to have a relationship with you, and because sin separated us from God, He sent a perfect sacrifice – one that would wash the stains of sin from our past and offer us eternal security in Him. It’s true. God sent his only son, Jesus, to die for you. And three days after Jesus hung on a cross for my and your sins, He defeated death when He rose from the dead. The Bible says all who call upon the name of the Lord will be saved. He is waiting for you. Won’t you call on Him?

Father, I pray for the ones that might stumble upon this simple post that don’t know you. Lord. I ask you to reveal yourself to them. Show them your love for them and how you are fighting for them. Bring them in to you, Lord. Soften their hard heart. Put someone in their path to share their personal experience with you and how you change their life. Show them hope and heal their hearts. For the ones that do know you, Lord, I pray you use this song to give us a continued attitude of gratitude. Unveil yourself and remove the scales from our eyes that we may see more of you.  I love you, Lord. Amen. 







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