Yesterday I picked up a Teen Study Bible – I know – like I don’t have enough. I didn’t go to LifeWay for a Bible for me.

I went for buy one get one 50% off t-shirts because with my coupon I would save even more money.

But God

As I was preparing for my quiet time this morning, the nudging about that new Bible wouldn’t stop. I skimmed through some of the pages. And to share with you how far off the radar this was for me, the print is so tiny I have to use a flashlight and sometimes a magnifying glass to read it – I’m a LARGE PRINT kind of girl here – so as I am reading this Instant Access section, the Lord speaks –

We can look the part y’all 

We can LOOK amazing physically – have the amazing body, good hair, perfect skin tone – bright cheery eyes, fashionable clothes and jewelry, the perfect neat and tidy house with everything in its place –

But be rotten and dying on the inside.

It’s time to take off the masks.

What is hidden in the dark will come to light.

Jehovah hears – He sees. He knows.

It’s time to deal with the compartments in our hearts and surrender – all of us. Even our children – even our spouses.

Which is exactly where Almighty God has me.

Just when I thought I had surrendered it all –

A deeper surrender.

He reveals more layers of that onion that I’ve been holding on to. I’m so glad He doesn’t just cut that onion wide open and lay it all on the line all at once.

I would have quit and given up a long time ago – but that’s not how the Lord works – He is gracious, gentle, loving, and kind.

He is long-suffering.

He uses circumstances to show us that something isn’t quite right, then the courage of a friend to speak truth in love to say, “You’ve got to surrender that one to the altar girl.”

I wonder how He orchestrates all this for me?

He is so – so good.

Oh Lord, my Jehovah Jireh, you are our provider for all things, not just the day to day life necessities we need, but of all things – You are the provider of peace, comfort, serenity. You know how to guide us through each season of our journey with you – some times with ease and gentleness, and then, there are times when you take us to the woodshed – I thank you for both. Father may we lay aside the masks we wear in order to be more like you. I pray for our leaders today. These scripture verses in Ezekiel are an image of our times – Judges, Lawyers, Governors, Senators, Congressman, and sadly, even preachers – the corruption is everywhere. Bring us back to you. We need you, Lord. Remove the veil of hypocrisy from our lives. Make us more like you. Whew. That elevates my heart rate just writing that Lord, but I trust you to guide me. I love you, Lord. Amen.