God is so faithful.

Any time we take a step of obedience – any time we surrender another compartment of our heart – any time we cry out to our Lord – any time He moves mountains on our behalf – we can expect Satan to be conjuring up a plan.

He likes to throw wrenches in engines and cause dissension amongst anyone – after all, his name alone means division and if he can divide then he conquers.

But God – He has won the victory and He will win the battle.

One way that makes it easier to persist through trials is when a sister in Christ shows her love and offers encouragement.

When I arrived home today from an important meeting, this was on my door.



I have been specifically praying protection over my family in certain areas for weeks – why? Because God has been doing some amazing things in my life and opening doors I never saw possible.

Knowing a sister in Christ specifically anointed and prayed over this cloth on our family’s behalf and then took the time to drop it off for me touched my heart tremendously. When I saw what was written I knew it was a divine appointment from God. It was like He was moving on my behalf and these incredible women were interceding for us – I can only imagine the ways their prayers of faith deterred the fiery darts of Satan.

The scriptures tell us to encourage one another.

The scriptures tell us to build each other up not tear one another down.

The scriptures don’t tell us we have to like everyone but we are called to love everyone,  especially our enemies.

As believers in Christ if we associate with Negative Nellies, complainers, and gossipers, we will become the same.

I don’t want to be like that. I want to be a Barnabas – an encourager.

Today I challenge you to examine your own heart as I examine mine.

Are you complaining and hateful to a different political party?

Are you judgmental towards the homeless and mentally ill? The addicted?

Do you spread gossip – “in the name of prayer”?

Do you grumble and complain over everything in your life?

Are you a Negative Nellie where nothing is good?

Do you expect the worst in others – always?

Oh my friend, that is not how the Lord wants His children to be. Our Lord wants us to be united, and if we are complaining, judgmental, are gossiping, or are negative – then we are being divisive. Ask Him to search your own heart as I ask Him to search mine.

Lord, one of the verses that scares me the most is Psalm 139:23 – I ask you to search me and know me – cleanse my heart – and I ask you to do it gently and mercifully and to see me through what you unveil. Forgive any wrongdoings you will find, I pray. In this growing process I ask you to make me an encourager. Help me to lift up my sisters and not tear them down. Give me insight when someone needs a touch, a call, or even a friendly smile. I love you, Lord. Grow me more like you. Amen.