Our Pastor has been praying for revival in the church and in our nation. I joined him in praying for revival in our church and in doing so the Lord specifically had me praying for my own revival.

“Lord, let it begin with me.”

Weeks pass and I begin preparing for the Gideon study. At the conclusion of Priscilla’s first session she speaks of change and prayers for the groups studying and she then says, “draw a circle around yourself and ask God to let it begin with you.” I teach that to the Charis House ladies – and I specifically tell them – “she is not adding any steps to what the gospel says about going to the Lord – she is reaffirming the importance that revival can’t start until it starts with one being – yourself.”


But then more confirmation came –

Sunday night was a specific time of prayer at our church. We prayed for our nation. And yet the entire time Pastor Traylor was referring to praying for America, God kept whispering, “It must start with you, Stacey. Be Me (Jesus) to the ones who hate Me.”

“Yes, Lord.”

At the conclusion of the service the pastor then says, and I’m paraphrasing, ‘for revival to start it must start with each one of us individually. Draw a circle around you and ask God to let revival begin within yourself.’

Whew. I about had a Holy Ghost spell sitting on the second row of that worship center! The Charis House ladies heard what the pastor said and they got it too. They received confirmation – revival starts within in one person – then it spreads to another – and another – and another.

Begin with me, Lord, begin with me. As evil has already begun its attack, give me the recall to fight back with the gospel truth. Give me the courage to stand and not cower down. I need your insight when to speak or when to be still in silence. And Lord, when you tell me to be Jesus to someone that hates you, I need you to do it through me. Give me a supernatural love so only you can be glorified. And Lord. Send revival – and let it begin with me. Amen.