For years I’ve yearned to understand the stories in the Old Testament – with my comprehension issues I was able to grasp stories but to relate them together and see the full picture wasn’t working.

But God – He layers on knowledge of Him one piece at a time for me.

The Charis House ladies and I began the study of Gideon last week. This week in my studying a simple question came to my mind.

And a connection was made between two stories.

There are times I am jealous of people who lived their entire life in a church. The ones being spoon fed the gospel. That know all the stories forwards and backwards. And while I will possibly always wish that, I have learned to thank God for right where He has me. I also praise God for the ones in my life who are Biblically sound in their doctrine that I can pick up the phone and call or shoot an email to with a question.

God is faithful y’all.

And when we seek Him with all our heart, we will find Him. And He will answer –

Lord I thank you for always being in my reach. That when I call to you, you are right there. Thank you for pruning me and refining me. Even though it is not comfortable, I know I can trust you. I give you praise. Make yourself known to someone today, through, me that doesn’t know you. Amen.