I’ve shared countless times how special pennies are to me.

Over and over one appears when I need it most.

While all of our American dollars and coins share our nations motto, “In God We Trust” the penny is always a visual comfort for me.

I can remember many times I saw a penny and kept walking, overlooking it as worthless, “Oh it’s just a penny, leave it, it’s worthless.”

I remember clearly the day I broke my Pappow’s heart. He looked at me with that crooked scowl and said, “you are worthless. You will never amount to anything.”

I cried.

Because I wanted to prove him wrong (out of spite) I vowed to be better.

What I learned was I couldn’t do it on my own.

Eventually, the time came when I would surrender my heart to Jesus. My grandfather got to see a new granddaughter before he died.

Pennies are often thought of worthless or invaluable to society and are often overlooked. 

But what I have learned is regardless how much something is worth, it still has a value.

And you have a value.

Your value is not based on the dollar though, your economical status, or who your family is, it’s base on blood . . . the blood of Christ that was shed by Jesus . . . for you . . . and for me.

I found this penny Tuesday morning. I was cleaning the cat bowls outside. When I moved the water hose it was there.

It was my visual reminder to continue to trust my Lord.

Monday I cried a lot. I went to have one of our cats euthanized. My daughter has developed allergies to cats that we now know has been causing her headaches and sore throats for years. This particular cat is having some behavioral issues. I’ve had her the longest, so I was trying to make things better for my daughter. I cried, asking God to give me an Abraham and Isaac moment – asking Him to give me a way out to not have to euthanize these precious animals –

I was heartbroken to have to euthanize an animal, but I also was angry because we don’t invest our time and money into animals just to kill them. I was a blubbering mess when I got to the vet. You can imagine my surprise though when the vet said she wouldn’t euthanize a healthy cat. I cried more because I then worried what we would do for my Kaitlyn –  but then I remembered my prayer. I thank God that He gave me a vet that would honor her oath and that she was able to see the bigger picture when I couldn’t. I also thank Him that while I don’t have the answers, I know He is going to guide my steps in finding these babies the perfect home for them.