A few days ago a friend posted some beautiful pictures – she has a true eye for beauty and the patience she has to wait for that perfect shot speaks volumes.

One of the photos that caught my attention was the back side of a sunflower.

Photo compliments of Shari Ancelet.

It is beautiful –

And while others saw the beauty in the shot they wondered why she would capture the back side and not the front – but I saw something more –

What makes this image so beautiful to me is its strength.

That stem is strong.



The result of that inner strength allows the exterior – what is seen more and the true reason for the strength- the flower – to blossom to its fullest ability.

But – when the stem is weak, the result is a sagging flower.

Photo compliments of Shari Ancelet.

One that can’t hold up the weight of the beautiful flower that once was.

So often we try to live life in our own strength.

We think if we can just do one more thing we will make some one happy.

If we earn that promotion or get that new job that things will be better.

If we can have one more child then maybe he will love me.

If we can just try and do better then maybe that will make her happy or him happy or a child happy or a boss –

But the reality is we can’t be someone’s enough.

And we can’t be enough to earn our way to Jesus either. There is absolutely nothing we can do to earn our way way to heaven.

It’s only through grace – faith in Jesus and asking Him in to our hearts.

To surrender ourselves in order that He would be our inner being.

Only Jesus can be someone’s enough.

When I try and do things in my own strength, I fail miserably and end up making a situation worse than it was before I put my hands in it.

But when I surrender – step back – and be still – ask Him to take over – ask Him to have His way – allow Him to be my inner being – oh what a beautiful work He does.

Father be my enough. I can’t do “enough” or be “enough” to please you. Empty me of self will and selfishness, cleanse me, purify me (oh Lord that scares me), but I want to be more like you. I want that inner strength that radiates true beauty – Lord I don’t want to “judge a book by its cover” and I don’t want to be judged by my cover. Allow me to see with eternal eyes – help my unbelief in my own self doubt and undo all the years of lies I have been told and have believed. Be my strength and be my beauty. My all – Amen.

Strong Enough