“Jesus called a bunch of ‘nobodies’ and made them disciples – and they changed the world.”

I heard those words one Sunday morning after pouring my heart out to the Lord that I needed to know I was important – that I was needed.

I don’t have all the answers and never claim to. I can’t answer all those theological questions and I would never enter a debate of such – God didn’t make my brain that way.

But God did make my heart big – and because He took a heart of stone and gave me a heart of flesh – one that hurts for others, one that has experienced forgiveness and offers forgiveness, one that loves and loves big, and he that hopes – oh my – one that experienced and continues to experience grace – merciful grace – I know I don’t have to be somebody I’m not. I can be a “nobody” and be exactly where I’m supposed to be in order to be somebody’s life line for Christ.

And what a great place to be – Used by God exactly where He wants you.

Do you know your place? Or have you become complacent? Letting somebody else do what you’ve been called to do. There’s still time.

Maybe God has you in a period of resting right now and it’s the hardest thing to just stand there and let others do. My friend, if God has you in a resting period don’t feel guilt. That’s how Satan wants you to feel and he wants to divide the facts and keep them distance from God’s plan for you. While you rest, pray for those God brings to mind. Write a note and send some love by snail mail. You can still be used by God when resting. Sometimes it’s just being sensitive to a person needing a smile or hug.

Regardless where you are today – be who God created you to be.

He Knows My Name