Well we made it to Brewton before I had a run in with the Popo.

He was so nice.

And I really was confused why he made a swift uturn on that narrow road to pull me over.

Surely he COULDN’T be stopping me?

I’ll pull over and let him pass me so he can get around me.

Um – why are you pulling over behind me?

Surely it REALLY isn’t me he’s after?

Oh – but yes – surely he was.

He informed me I was doing 60 in a 40.

There’s no way –

I rarely speed.

I have a cow as a passenger when my better half drives five miles over the speed limit.

Surely this officer was mistaken.

But – I had to be honest.

I hadn’t paid any attention to signs since I saw 55 mph and these songs were so good – I just got lost – so maybe – possibly – okay very possibly – I could have been doing 60 in a 40.

I had no excuse.

I handed him my drivers license and insurance card.

He asked me where I was going and if the vehicle was mine.

And then he said, “enjoy your trip and slow down. There are a lot of windy roads over here. There’s a reason the speed limit is 40 through here. This one’s on me.”

He then handed me my cards back.

I told him I would hug him if I could and thanked him profusely.

Like ridiculously thanked him.

But wouldn’t you if you had just received grace?

I cherish our police officers – they put their lives on the line every time they walk out their door – whether on duty or off duty.

And their families – whew. They put on that uniform every time their spouse does.

Several years ago the Lord impressed it on my heart to start praying for any police officer that I passed or saw – I did that faithfully for a while but got lazy. As I pulled away from the officer this morning the Lord prompted me to pray for his safety. And that I did, as well as gave thanks for his mercy. And gave thanks to the Lord for softening that officers heart.

The rest of the day had its scares – the car that cut me off, not once but twice and had I not slammed on my breaks would have hit us and hit us good. Then there’s the storms we drove through – and then there’s an hour of driving through country back roads in Douglasville because the GPS was as confused.

This first leg surely didn’t go as I planned, but I experienced grace today.

I experienced mercy today.

I experienced the Lord’s protection today.

And I reached my destination.

I would call it a good day to be thankful.

Thank you, Lord, for going before me every step of the way today. Be our guide this day. Protect us. Go before us as we finish the rest of the trip. Amen.