Hello Friday –

I’ve been waiting on this particular Friday for weeks!

Today is the first part of an 18 hour drive to see my girls


before I get to them I pick up my Dooder from his dad’s in Georgia. Saves his mom a trip and allows me precious time.

Twenty years ago I was a horrible mom. In my early months and years of sobriety I started asking God to not let my daughter remember all the chaos and pain.

God honored that prayer.

While her first five years of her life were not pleasant – she has no memory of it. She tells everyone she had a great childhood.

For that I am eternally grateful.

Mommas, If you have a wayward child out there, or maybe your momma or daddy is the one out there – or your sibling is far from home – I was 28 before I surrendered my life to the Lord.

Don’t give up.

Keep praying.

As long as there is breath – there is hope.