I am still learning about Gideon and preparing for our next study with the Charis House ladies. We will be doing Priscilla Shirer’s, Gideon Study . In order to prepare for leading this study, my personal study has to go a little deeper, and maybe in a different direction, in order that I can receive exactly what it is the Lord has in store for me through this study. I continue through the most basics of reading and that’s when He takes over.

The word impossible came to my mind as I was reading . . . . 


Then I thought on the miracles Jesus performed while on earth . . . 

woman at well

Every miracle Jesus did on earth, was done in such a way that God the Father would be glorified.

Nothing He did man could replicate. 

Every miracle Jesus performed was done in such a way that no man could ever receive glory for them. From the lame man that couldn’t walk to even touch the tip of his toe in the pool of water to the fish being multiplied to feed thousands to the blind seeing . . . to the woman at the well . . . a Samaritan – a woman that was shamed because of her lifestyle and yet He still came to her to offer her living water.

Eternal life.

Yes, our God is a God of possibles because He takes what man sees as impossible and makes them possible.

I’m reminded of the times He has performed miracles in my own life . . . the year our income was $5,500 and we never went without necessities. Or the time the doctor said you’d never have any more children, then God gave us two more. Or the time we were told we would be living in a camper for two years before we could get in a house and it was only seven months – oh the list could go on –

I don’t know what miracle you need in your life right now but what I do know is our Lord is a God of possibilities. When we see no way out He makes a way. When we see heartache, He sees a story of hope and redemption. He is going to move in such a way only He can get the glory out of our circumstances.

This morning, take the time and intentionally remove your hands from your circumstances – ask Him to take over and make a way.

Throughout this post I kept singing this song – music is so powerful. Take a moment – be still – raise your arms or stand with them wide open – expose your heart – make yourself vulnerable unto the Father – let the healing begin –

Do It Again

Father, this morning we bring you my impossibilities – my list alone is a doozie – jobs, insurance needs, relationship needs, release from giants, the needs of my children – I alone can keep you busy for decades – but you – you are the God of omnipotence. You are able to come and go and move this way or that and be all things to all your children. You don’t show favoritism, you show love and grace, even through the disciplining your love remains the same. I want to be more like you. Father, we surrender to you our list of “no ways” and ask you to make a way. Bring to our minds all the miracles you have already performed in our own lives – all the ways you have been faithful to us in our faithlessness. We give you the glory and honor for what you are about to do. We love you, Jesus, our King. Amen.