I believe there is a fine line between head knowledge and truth penetrating the heart. When we only have head knowledge without the heart knowledge we leave ourselves open to pride, self acknowledgement, criticism, and doubt.

While having knowledge, wisdom, and understanding of scripture is important, having just head knowledge –  can be deadly.

I see many whose knowledge is great, but

the heart is hard, cold, bitter, revengeful, broken, and angry.

The heart has rejected the Lord. The thought of trusting Him when they’ve been hurt so badly paralyzes them.

And it breaks my heart. 

One scripture translation mentions the word heart 835 times. 

By the heart a man is judged – not by the number of scriptures man has memorized.

Where we put our treasure, there also will be our heart.

Guard your heart, because everything you do flows from it.

Create in me a pure heart, Lord, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.

Scripture tells us the Word will not return void so we have a hope that one day that head knowledge with penetrate the hardest of hearts and more life application moments will follow.

Life lessons that will become teachable moments for our children, grandchildren, and all those the Lord brings into our lives that need the same freedom we’ve received.

One teachable moment the Lord gave me years ago from a class Bible Study, was the If’s and Then’s of scripture – it taught me life application of scripture.

It taught me about good consequences.

All my life I had only been taught the bad consequences of my actions. It was instilled in my head and my behind. It was like a light bulb came on when I was taught that there are good consequences to our actions, not just bad, and that lesson penetrated my heart. It changed my heart forever.

It was so powerful for me that I now teach it to others.

Today, my continuous HOPE is in the one Who has remained faithful to me, even through my faithlessness. That He will continue to teach me life application moments and that He will not only increase my head knowledge, but more importantly my heart knowledge.

And I’m eternally grateful.