It’s a running joke in our home (but if you ask my husband it’s an aggravation that runs a fine line between obsessing and reality) that I listen to my car. I learned some very important key issues about vehicle care through my grandfather and my dad. Pappow always – ALWAYS – kept a gas mileage log on his vehicles.

Every one of them.

He instilled in me the importance of keeping a mileage log to help him maintain the engine.

I can hear him now, “If you start having a drop in your miles per gallon you know something is wrong with your engine.”

Then there’s my dad – he was big on detail. “Pay attention to detail he said.

Listen to your engine. Know your engine.

When you hear something that is different, pay attention to when it’s happening and how often. “Know your engine because that will tell you when something is wrong with it,” he said.

I had a recent experience where I knew my air conditioner was not working like it should. I monitored it. Even had a witness! But the mechanic said, “there’s nothing wrong with your air conditioner”.

Hmmmm . . . . 

Two weeks lapsed, and while the problem had continued during that time, it wasn’t until my husband was in the car with me that he REALLY believed something wasn’t quite right.

I took it back to the mechanic and after a more thorough search, a crack was found in my compressor which was causing a loss of Freon – hence the “hissing” noise I would hear on occasion AND the fluctuation of the air temperature inside the vehicle.

It’s not very often I am right about things, and while I am no mechanic and am ignorant to even how vehicles function . . .  I do know my engine.

You know, people often ask me how they can discern the voice of the Lord . . .

The answer is simple – know your engine. 


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