“Give me a group of people to double my joy and divide my grief.” Shaun Pillay

When the Minister of Evangelism said those words last night it penetrated deep.

I’ve looked for the precise words to describe how the ladies at the Charis House have affected my life – and that was it.

These ladies are incredible.

They are real.

They are raw.

They are vulnerable.

They are genuine.

And they encourage me and hold me accountable as much as I do them.

Once I FINALLY surrendered to leading the Bible Studies for the Charis House, the first thing the Holy Spirit prompted me to do was make myself vulnerable.

He whispered, “If you aren’t real with them they won’t reveal their hearts to you.” In turn-

I had to be real.

I had to be raw.

I had to expose parts of the heart that made me vulnerable.

So that became my baseline.

My prayer is that the Holy Spirit will keep me vulnerable and humble so they can relate and receive what He is saying through me.

Yesterday one of the ladies said, “Ms Stacey, are you okay?”

I tried to gap her off but because she knows me – my heart – she didn’t let it rest.

When they see the Lord refining me (on self worth) and they see the Holy Spirit working,  it makes not only recovery real but it shows a continuous sanctification process.

It shows the Lord doesn’t let go just because things get tough.

Even after nineteen years of sobriety..

It makes growing in the Lord a real thing, not a stagnant relationship of convenience.

It makes recovery and a new life relatable.

These ladies –

They laugh with me.

They challenge me to be better.

They accept me.

They embrace me.

They pray with and for me as much as I pray with them.

The “get” me.

They are my people.

The scriptures tell us in Ecclesiastes 4:9 & 10 that two are better than one for when one falls the other will pick the fallen back up.

The relationships being formed here are lifetime relationships.

Women must encourage women.

We must be supportive and speak words of life over one another and stop comparing ourselves against each other.

Satan’s name means division.

If he can divide us then he achieved his goal.

It’s easier to take down one woman of God than an army of women for God.