The scenery has been incredible.

I drove through a tunnel that ran through a mountain.

And the bridges are so high I got dizzy. Not kidding.

The farm land with cows, the creeks and old rickety bridges, the glamorous houses and falling down barns – oh goodness and the cornfields run from yazoo city and almost into Little Rock – and the birds. I tried getting pictures of the birds – Black with vibrant orange wings – – but there are no shoulders through that area and taking pictures with one hand on the steering wheel and trying to balance the camera to take through the window of a bird flying – yeah. Not a good idea. Traffic is ridiculous and the roads so windy I haven’t been able to stop for pictures of this beautiful area which disappoints me.

I hope I always remember –

This morning in my quiet time almost every scripture reference said, “Behold” in it.

The definition means to see or observe a thing of beauty.

I had no idea He was preparing me for seeing such magnificent beauty today.

My heart is full.

Thank you, Lord for allowing me safe travels thus far. Thank you for going before me and allowing me these sweet moments to gaze at your creation. Thank you for keeping the storms at bay and for the beautiful sun shining down. Thank you for clouds and the breeze. Go before me this last hour I pray. Amen.

Behold, what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us, that we should be called the sons of God I John 3:1