There are certain scriptures that just bring a simple smile across my face and put my heart at rest.

There are times I use my imagination to think of how the Lord sings over me and then I hear the birds singing, the frogs croaking, the horses nay, the cows mooing, the trees rustling from the wind blowing . . .

I would never intentionally take scripture out of context, but I believe the Lord is in everything He made and uses His creation as a continuous reminder of His constant state of being.

Today I’m thankful that He goes before me.

He fights for me.

And He is singing over me.

Today was a hard day.

In fact yesterday was too.

But I recognize it for what it is and will continue to move towards what Christ has put before me.

As I was reflecting on creation and how often God uses it to speak to me I was reminded of a sermon I heard from Louie Giglio once where recordings of stars and whales are mixed together and added to a song to worship God. Here is a nine minute clip of it where creation sings, How Great Is Our God – He is truly everywhere.