Father in Heaven, today I come to you with much to give praise, but also big burdens. Lord I thank you and praise you for our moms.

I thank you for restoring my relationship with my own mom.

I thank you for all the women you have placed in my path to nurture and guide me along life’s way of motherhood.

I thank you for my children and how you designed and formed them before the beginning of time and for my grandchildren as well.

Thank you for the mom my first baby is to her children. You’ve been so good to us, Lord.

And while we celebrate, so many others are hurting. So while I am so thankful, my heart is also burdened.

It is burdened for the mom that has lost a child, be it by passing away or a broken relationship.

My heart is burdened for the woman that yearns to have children but can’t.

And then there’s the children that have lost a mom,

Lord. Father I ask you to fill that void. Meet each woman right where she is this very moment.

Embrace her.

Comfort her.

I ask, Lord, that you would prompt each person that the broken hearted woman has touched and cause them to reach out to her. Let her know the impact she is having on lives around her. I ask you would show her that whether she has had children to pass away, or a mom to pass away, or could never have children that you have used them as an instrument to change lives around them.

Lord, even for those with children I ask you to remind us mother hood far extends from the walls of what we call home.

I think of the English teacher who is always ministering life to her students, or the blind lady that started reaching out to encourage me to attend church with her,

And the Administrative Assistant that has poured in to young women’s lives through Bible Studies.

I think of the children in children’s homes whose lives have been touched my house parents and foster parents, and Father my heart aches for those battling addiction of any sorts that prevents celebrations of Mother’s Day. I pray for the moms in recovery that can’t be with their babies today.

I pray for these hurting hearts Lord that you will show them their worthiness is You.

That you would embrace them. Send wayward children needing a touch and senior saints needing to know they matter to them.

Father I praise you for moving heaven and earth to bring this to pass.

I praise you, again for my children.

I ask you would show yourself big in each of the areas of hurting today and even those I’ve not even considered.

Bring peace in uncomfortable situations and comfort along the way.

Show them the purpose you have designed for them.

Bring beauty from ashes.

And quicken our spirits to know when a hug is needed or an encouraging word along the way.

We praise you, Amen.