The Lord often tells me to get back to the basics. When I do that simple task I am often surprised at how much depth is really in simplicity.

I got the kids each a Bible work book a few months ago. I asked them to read and do the activities five of seven days a week and to follow up with writing in their thankful journal. I asked them to write three things they are thankful for (and I’m not looking for anything specifically – just give thanks), something new they learned in that days study, and I asked them to search their hearts to see what is one thing they need to work on during the week that would make them a better person. They have done this and many times without complaining, which I am thankful for.

Some of the activities and questions in their books intrigued me. I found I didn’t know some of the answers to the questions being asked so I went and got me a book. One particular question was what was significant about the sword (that David killed Goliath with) being returned to David?

Well, I looked it up and now I do know!

And then there is this – characteristics of our Lord – that He is good, kind, merciful, etc.

Scripture references are given for them to look up the scripture in their Bibles that reinforces the character of God.

They aren’t just being told God is Love.

They are seeing God through scripture.

I have come to realize some people God made to be scholars, and some He made to be just common folk and then some in between.

We need each different kind of person to fulfill a greater purpose.

What would the world be without Scientist to tell us about molecules and all that stuff I don’t understand?

Or astronauts that fly out in space or engineers that design walking computers to study other planets?

Or Grammar teachers that I get to give headaches because I don’t use proper language or punctuation?!

Or Historians that bring history to life?

And what would the world be without the simple mind folks and all those in between that see the world in a completely different light?

Before today, I probably would have referred to myself as a shallow thinker in this post, but what I am learning and continue to learn is that God needs my simplicity to reach others like me . . .

People who have lived a rough life and made bad choices.

People who think they could never be accepted or loved by God or anyone for that matter – You know, people that are like I used to be – addicts, thieves, liars, and adulterers.

Learning to like and accept who I am is pretty okay.

It’s a process.

And quite frankly it is a process He has been showing me every day as we have walked through comfort must fall through the Goliath Must Fall Bible study.

The study has been incredible.

What I enjoy most is the simplicity of it – and yet the Lord uses that as a means for me to dig deeper.

This morning, for instance, I was continuing to study the five C’s the Lord had given me while doing the comfort must fall session last week. One of those C’s is contentment. Today He has me studying about being content in my weaknesses.


I think not.

As I read 2 Corinthians 12:10 the Holy Spirit began speaking to my heart about the way I reject myself in many areas of my life and often criticize how God made me. And as often as I’ve heard and read the verses about the thorn in Paul’s flesh, it never resonated in my soul like it did this morning.

God made me simple minded to be able to reach others like me because He knew if I was as smart as I yearn to be one of two things would have happened.

I would have rejected God because of my own intelligence or I would have used my intelligence to puff myself up.

Maybe both.

There is also another area in my life that is a struggle of contentment, but I sense the Lord is going to continue tackling that giant as well.

I think I might be ready, too.

As I typed these words today a particular song continued to play in my head – Good – Good Father

Lord, thank you for loving me so much you broke the mold when you created me. Help me find my worth and contentment in you and only you. Remove the scales that have grown over my eyes and allow me to see me for who you created me to be – allow me to see myself how YOU see me, Lord, and not what I think I should be. Quicken my spirit when I begin to compare myself to others. Use me this day I pray, Amen.