I watched only a few seconds of the Zuckerberg trial – if looks could tell he is about to pee his pants or lose his stomach. But what crossed my mind literally in the seconds I watched was a different kind of judgement seat –

The one that we will all come face to face with – the Judger of all.

One day we will all give an account to one simple question – Do I believe – is there a time in my life that I surrendered to Jesus Christ?

THAT is a judgement seat I look forward to one day.

Why? Because there has been a time and day that I surrendered my life to Jesus.

He died for my sins.

He defeated death.

He forgave me of my sins.

And one day – He is coming again.

So my question to you is, are you ready to sit in the judgement seat before God?

Oh I hope you can say yes.