It seems the Lord has been busy at work –

For several years I have yearned to have an educational knowledge of the Bible. NOT to say life application and heart matters aren’t important, but I wanted to understand the historical aspect of scriptures and what the significance is between the books of the Bible.

That’s why I took apologetics last year –  it was just amazing let’s just say that didn’t go over too well. My brain is still mushy over that experience.

Yet the need to understand the historical aspects and how each book relates to another continued to haunt me. I can’t help but believe there is something the Lord is wanting to show me by learning the historical details and how each book relates to another. For the first six to eight years of my faith walk, I was overwhelmed and afraid of the Old Testament – I read it if I had to but the confusion and fog was overwhelming and discouraging – but the more I read, the Lord began to lift that confusion and it was then He replaced it with a yearning for more.

Several months ago I shared how the Lord was prompting to me dig deeper.

And deeper – and deeper.

I searched out several Bible studies but it was obvious that wasn’t where the Lord was leading. In the midst of searching, a friend mentioned that a New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary offers free online classes. My intentions were to look in to it but with all the events of the last many months I put it on the back burner and quite frankly,  time just got away from me. Interesting enough – it wasn’t until surrendering to teaching the Charis House ladies that I began seeing God’s hand more and more. And while the path is still unclear, what I do know is Sunday afternoon while laying in bed the Lord reminded me of the NOBTS classes. And while I couldn’t find the information the friend was referring to, what I did find were free online classes with Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary AND they also have courses specifically for women! The Biblical Women’s Institute (BWI) offers classes for any woman for only $25 (and no, you don’t have to have a spouse enrolled, I already checked)! The BWI courses are semester courses and from my understanding won’t begin until August. So with that information in hand, I reviewed the free classes and registered for my first class Sunday afternoon. I began my lectures from my own home and in my own bed.

Throughout the day today the Lord kept reminding me about seasons. Seasons come and seasons change – there is a season for everything – and my word aren’t there layers to every season? I’m not quite sure what God has in store, but I know I have seen Him parting waters and opening doors that I never saw coming –  until that moment of surrender.

Lord, thank you for remaining faithful to me even in my disobedience. Thank you for not giving up on me. Thank you for guiding me. Thank you for godly women that speak words of life to me and even words that rub like sandpaper to get me back on the right track. Thank you for meeting the needs before us in the coming months. Amen.


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