The last few weeks have been incredible as the Lord continues to prompt people to send in donations for the Charis House Ministry. Just today I received two messages – one from a lady I do not know and one from a lady I met through the Joy Class years ago. They both have seen the original video and they are both sending in a check. God is truly moving and He is showing Himself to me in incredible ways.

A few days ago I sensed it was time to take photos of the Charis House(s). I can’t take pictures of the ladies, but I wanted you to see where these ladies live. Where they are working through addiction. Where they receive counseling. Where they are learning they are valuable. Loved. FAVORED. That God has a plan for their lives. Where they are learning about friendships and how to resolve conflict. Where they learn that Jesus died on the cross for their sins. Where they learn about complete acceptance through Jesus. Where different women from different walks of life come into a place where they learn about grace – where they sit around the table and study God’s word and how to apply it to their lives.

I teared up as I watched this video. I worked on it for hours last night and my computer shut down so I lost it. My husband offered to take it to work with him and put the song to it that God told me to put with it. I kept wondering why God had me take photos of all the tables Thursday – As I watched the video for the first time I even asked my husband if he rearranged certain photos to be where the word “table” is sang. He said all the photos are in the order I put them in and all he did was add the song I wanted on it.

Yeah. I cried.

God is in this video.

I hope and pray as you watch this video you will see life in the stillness. That you will see personality. That will you see lives being changed for eternity. That you will see new creations. That you will see Jesus.

If you are interested in donating to this ministry, God placed it on my heart to raise $20,000 by July 7, which is my 20 year sobriety. I started through The Most Excellent Way ministry, but God wants to add a phase three to the Charis House and He wants more ladies to come to know Him through this ministry. I am praying for 200 people to give $100 to this ministry. I am also asking someone to fill their deep freezer full of meats. In fact, I already have your thank you note ready for you. But maybe you don’t have $100 to spare or God isn’t calling you to give, I am asking you to do the following:

1. I am asking you to pray for this fundraiser, pray for volunteers, the workers, the ladies already in the Charis House and the ones yet to come.

2. I am asking you to share this video clip with everyone you can. The setting is public on my page so it can be shared.

3. I am asking you to pray about your part – there was a time we couldn’t give $100 or much of anything, but we could give less. Many years ago our pastor challenged the congregation to save up one month’s salary in order to give to a building fund to bring down the debt of our worship center. I was a new believer with a big faith. It was my heart’s desire to give. I was a single mother and my income was only a couple hundred dollars a month so saving was out of the question. I remember clearly the dread I had going in to that service because I didn’t have a full months wages to donate. I “only” had $75 (see, I was defeated and still living in bondage that I wasn’t good enough). And I was ashamed. Heartbroken and disappointed in myself. NOT because of what anyone had said or done to make me feel that way, but because I yearned to be a part of that miraculous giving. That evening the church body came together and towards the end of the service the pastor asked for people to stand up and testify how God provided for the family’s that gave. I got physically sick to my stomach because I knew God was telling me to speak – but that meant exposing myself as a failure – that I couldn’t give it all. With fear and heartache I approached the microphone, and God gave me a word from Acts 3:6 that reads, Then Peter said, “Silver or gold I do not have, but what I do have I give you. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, walk.” God knew my heart. He knew my desire to give all, and while a few hundred dollars would have been nothing in comparison to the thousands given as a month’s wages by some, it was God’s way of comforting me and telling me that He was pleased with that $75 given in obedience. He didn’t need my sacrifice, He needed my obedience and He was already calling me to serve in a ministry that I was needed in at the time. I share that with you to express the importance that the dollar amount does not matter. What matters is our obedience. Maybe God isn’t calling you to give anything, but He is calling you to serve. Ask God to make it clear where He wants you to serve. God keeps bringing to mind a roll of pennies through all this – I believe that .50 roll of pennies is just as valuable as the $100 given. So if that’s for you, don’t walk in defeat like I did, walk in obedience and be free –

You can mail your checks to:

Ministry Village – Charis House

ATTN: Debbe Jefcoat
1830 Olive Road
Pensacola, FL 32514
AND in the FOR section of your check please write in sobriety fundraiser for Charis House
**I do not own any rights to the music played in this video. It was a reference part only for the significance it brings addicts to the table.**