It’s that time of year again – April is Autism Awareness month and while our family lights up blue all month long, April 2nd is the night families from all over  the world will light up blue to show support for those whose lives are impacted by Autism.


There is a lot of speculation out there about how and why and what causes Autism but this is not a post about that. This is a post to bring attention to a neurological disorder that is impacting families everywhere.

My son has Asperger Syndrome. He is on the Autism Spectrum. He is high functioning. And while I know this, I need you to know and understand the battle is still real. The emotional roller coaster, the sensory, the rage, the attention disorder, the sleep disorders, the physical and verbal tics known as Tourette’s, the OCD, anxiety, depression, the mood disorder – it’s all real.

And it’s exhausting to have to be one step ahead of a situation every second of the day.

Every. Single Day.

Below is a visual breakdown, just in case you are like me and learn better with visual applications.

My challenge to you today is to educate yourself about Autism. The range of symptoms are from non-verbal to high functioning. Pray for the families impacted by Autism. Encourage them. We need it. Ask God to make you more aware of what is happening when you are in a public situation and a child is screaming. I totally get that there are parents out there that don’t discipline their children, but seek discernment before making a rash judgement. If anything, having a child on the spectrum has caused me to rethink my hasty judgement and made me more sensitive to the needs of the mom standing there in near tears.

autism accept understand love