I saw him. I made direct eye contact with him.

He saw me. And did the same.

The kids saw him too.

It was late and dark outside. He was standing on the corner holding a sign – the sign was yellow – his clothing dark – but his face was different. He was smoothed skin and the look on his face was desperation – the fear in his eyes was unlike anything I’ve seen on any face of any homeless person – and I’ve seen a lot of homeless people. He not only drew me in – but both my kids. We all three brought him up at the same time. It was obvious he was out of place.


I turned in to the Arby’s, ordered some food and made my way back to the corner as quickly as I could – and he was gone. The kids helped me look but as quick as he appeared, he was gone. I know the homeless get picked up and moved to different places, but this was different – crazy different.

It didn’t make sense –

We made the loop around again but the only other person sited was another homeless man pushing a buggy. He accepted the food graciously and he hadn’t eaten in days.

As I got back in the car, Christopher yells, “MAN! He’s inhaling those french fries! He must be REALLY hungry!”

When I got back in the car I told the kids he said he hadn’t eaten all day and that the thought crossed my mind that maybe God allowed us to see the first person so we could help this person.

BOTH children at the exact same time responded, “I WAS JUST THINKING THE SAME THING!”

There is no doubt in my mind, God used an angel to feed another last night.

Last night my children learned another lesson on helping those less fortunate. Another lesson is listening when the Lord speaks, and making impromptu u-turns.

Last night my children learned what Hebrews 13:2 is all about, “Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it.”