A few days ago I spent some time reflecting over my life, specifically the last nineteen plus years.

I will be celebrating twenty years of sobriety this July 7 and was sharing with the Lord that I wanted to be able to give back to my church for being so supportive to me and thousands of other drunks or addicts that beckoned their halls. It was then this “aha” moment came to me to do a fundraiser for the Charis House from the Lord.

I am attaching two videos – one is how this has all this come about and the other is a shorter video with less distractions – share whichever one you feel led to share, and if you don’t feel led to share, or give to this life changing Ministry, then I ask you to pray. Please pray.

Sobriety Testimony and Giving back challenge

Shorter video with only facts

In just the 72 approximate hours since these videos have been on Facebook, I have received numerous messages from friends and strangers accepting this challenge. To date the video has been viewed over 800 times! How crazy is that! I’ve received MANY messages saying, “the check is in the mail,” or “I’m in for $100!” It has been MIND BOGGLING! And the stories of friends and strangers reaching out to share their own testimony about addiction or how a loved one is struggling asking me to pray – y’all – God is moving! I can’t wait to see what He does as we approach July 7!

Address to send your check (in the “for” section please label as Charis House fundraiser):
Ministry Village – Charis House
ATTN: Debbe Jefcoat
1830 Olive Road
Pensacola, FL 32514

I found out today you can also donate online. Visit Ministry Village and click donate. Thank you!

God Is On The Move

Here are a few photos of the three white birds that were flying over the pond when I got out of my car. They were flying so fast I wasn’t able to catch all three of them together except for a a few shots – click the images for larger preview – one of the birds is carrying food in its beak – talking about a visual for how the Lord provides!

Charis House – Ministry Village Website