If I see one more social media post that says we need Jesus back in our schools to solve our world’s problems I am going to blow a gasket. Whether Jesus is in the schools, in the White House or even an outhouse – it won’t matter . . . it must begin in the home.

My job as a mother is to raise my children to know the Lord.

It is my job to set an example of how to deal with life’s challenges.

It is my job to discipline my children.

It is my job to praise my children.

It is my job to allow natural consequences to fall upon my children when they make poor choices.

It is my job to read scriptures to them.

It is my job to explain the scriptures and if I can’t explain it to find out and ask questions.

It is my job to teach and guide them the best I can – admit when I blow it – show the corrected path by my words and my actions and when necessary, ask for their forgiveness.

It’s my job to pray with them and over my children.

It is my job to be Jesus to my children.

They will have to make an account for their decision one day when they meet Jesus.

It’s not the teachers job to teach Jesus or to pray over them. I thank God for those teachers and principals that do that on their own time but their job is to educate my children.

And it’s not the Sunday school teachers job either. They can be your reinforcements (and I praise God for them!!) but if the children aren’t learning Jesus at home – and you are sending them to places to learn about Jesus and you aren’t teaching them at home then what you are teaching them are two things, 1 – that a relationship with Jesus isn’t personal and 2 – you are teaching them to live a lie.