You know you are emotionally exhausted when you cry in Ferdinand. I think it’s pretty incredible God can use a kids cartoon to encourage a worried momma’s heart and distract her from the cares of the world.

A bull that just wanted to smell flowers and not fight was going to sacrifice his life so his friends could live.

That’s what God did for us.

He sent His only son to live a blameless life.

To die on a cross.

To defeat death three days later.

He did that for you.

And for me.

So that we might live eternally with Him.

The scriptures tell us that in this world we will have troubles. And sometimes they are beyond our ability to deal. But our comfort and our hope is knowing that He overcame the world.

He will never leave us.

And He will never forsake us.

I can’t imagine doing this thing called life without my Lord. I’m so thankful He sent His son to die for the drugs, the alcohol, the thievery, the lies, the affairs, and all the hoochiness in between that I did to myself and others.

And there is only one way that you will never comprehend it – if you reject His love.