Three years ago today we packed up a 220 square foot camper and had sold everything we had to make a church campground home.


The years leading up to that day had been hard. Employment changes and health challenges just took us down a road I pray I never have to walk through again. But even during those years of nothing – we still gave. We still served. And I became more and more vocal about the needs of those without. It is easy to look around and see people writing checks with the blink of an eye – that’s all good – but if those checks are being written because you’d rather give than share of your time and energy – then the point is being missed. God doesn’t need our money. He doesn’t need sacrifice. He needs our obedience. He needs a willing heart to step out of their comfort zone and hold the hand of a homeless man while putting in gloves. He needs a willing heart to make a pot of soup and serve homeless people on the corner in 30 degree weather. A willing heart to go and serve in any capacity that He calls us to and to be content in all things. That’s what I learned during those hard years.

We were told it would take two years to get us in a home. Two years living in a 220 square foot camper with cat, dogs, and a claustrophobic child. But looking back I wouldn’t change that time – one of the most peaceful times in my life – for my life.

Three years ago we were on food stamps and Medicaid.

Three years ago we were getting help for Christmas gifts.

Three years ago seemed like forever ago – it took only seven months for God to put our application for a home on the top of the list.

Since then God has allowed me to work around my health challenges and help contribute to our monthly income which allowed us to finally get out of the food stamp line. The kids are off Medicaid. And! Not only is this the first year we are providing for our own kids Christmas, we were able to help contribute to the family our small group adopted for Christmas. I still hold my breath with each purchase and still worry because I know how easy it is to fall – but right here – right now – I am eternally grateful for the winds of change.