I never dreamed there would be a time that I didn’t want to celebrate the holidays. It makes me sad to just not be able to grasp it.

This morning this song was in my memory timeline on facebook – when everything around me seems to be blah and life is a struggle right now, my only comfort is knowing the Lord – how He saved me and changed me. I will eternally be grateful for my Lord and I give thanks for how He has provided for me and my family. How He has restored me. How He makes me wanna shout – Hallelujah! Praise You Jesus!


Lord, I come to you with a wounded heart – but you already know that because you know everything about me. The tragedies of this year has caused me to be keenly more aware of those hurting around me. Thank you for that. Thank you that I don’t have to pretend. Thank you that I can be so gut wrenching real with you without judgement and condemnation. Thank you for not holding expectations over me that I will never live up to. Thank you that I am precious to you. Thank you when humans fail me I know you never will. Thank you when others see me as worthless you see me as worth your son dying for. Thank you for nudging me when to speak and when to remain silent. Thank you for my home. Thank you for my family and for my husband who works so darn hard for us. Thank you for food in my pantry and that we don’t have to depend on food pantries for our Thanksgiving meal this year. Thank you for electricity and water running in our home and for an abundance of warmth on chilly mornings. I thank you for all things, but more than anything – I thank you for grace – redemption – and I thank you that you can make all things new and use all things for your good. Amen.