I had a 2 1/2 hour meeting this meeting with the probate attorney over dad’s estate. While the meeting was very productive, it was so much information my brain was mush. My afternoon appointment was canceled so I decided to go to my favorite spot and take pictures of the ducks at Admiral Mason Park. I started taking pictures of the plants and just taking in the beauty of the park . . .

As I continued my walk . . . I realized there were no ducks. No birds. No nothing.

And I pouted.

I complained about the over grown lily pads so I continued my ungrateful session I started this morning.

And then I looked up.

11.13.17 060

One lone black duck flew from the center island of the pond. It was as if the Lord whispered, “The living are here, but you have to look at things differently.”

So I decided to become intentional on looking for wildlife.

I took this next picture just for the scenery so I could play with my focus and zooming using the tall grass on the island. I saw nothing else in the image until I uploaded these pictures just now . . .

11.13.17 081

Do you see it?

How about now?

11.13.17 08711.13.17 08611.13.17 085

I had no idea I captured the bird in the first picture. It wasn’t until after taking that picture of the tall grass that it even caught my eye.

So I continued.

My next stop took me to a tree . . . a tree singing. And while I couldn’t find the babies I knew they were there. The sound of baby squirrels chattering. And my heart smiled.

Finding myself regretting my stinkin’ attitude, I took a deep breath and continued . . .

Little by little the Lord showed me more . . . .

11.13.17 08811.13.17 08911.13.17 090

This dragonfly landed right in front of me – as if it was posing.

11.13.17 107

11.13.17 10911.13.17 11111.13.17 11211.13.17 113

When I turned from taking the pictures of the dragonfly, my jaw hit the floor . . .

The very place I had just walked and there was nothing, now had something . . .

And then God gave me this . . . .

I was able to get closer every few shots by sneaking behind the grass.

My final pictures at the park included flowers weeds and one final creature . . . I almost missed it. Can you see it?

On my way home I was sharing the experience with a friend and I realized something. We can walk this journey called life day in and day out and see the same ole same ole and miss the details just like we can read the same scriptures over and over and might never get it, but then we experience that “ah-ha moment” and it finally clicks. If you are like me you might wonder why it took you so long to “get it”. I learned two things today –  I had to change how I was looking at the world and I also have to realize God will reveal what it is He wants me to see when He is ready for me to see it. It took me changing my perception/attitude and Him removing the scales.